Personal expectations of CS3216

This post is dedicated to answer the question: What do you hope to learn in CS3216?

Before answering this question, I should probably give my readers a sneak peek at my profile. My name is Gen and currently, I am in the third year of Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) in NUS. Despite being in a corporate-like environment, I still possess certain knowledge that are related to programming and computer science. The knowledge was conveniently gained during my three year course in Temasek Polytechnic. My decision to apply for CS3216 was purely based on my passion in this field, which was fervently developed and displayed during my polytechnic years. It is my long-term goal to be a technopreneur and this course would not only give me a taste of that, it also satisfies my crave for some real programming actions.

Now, to answer the question in proper, what do I hope to learn in CS3216?
Having some basic JAVA, HTML and Excel VBA skills does not make me a useful programmer. I am hoping that this course, mainly through application development, would:

  • shed light on other programming languages
  • enhance my programming skill by being part of the developer group
  • expose me to new tools, such as photoshop and facebook developer platform
  • deepen my understanding on user interface
  • broaden my hindsight of consumer needs and wants
  • earn me lasting friendships

Until then, I have 8 days to prepare myself mentally and physically for this intensive hours module and crazy semester ahead (since I will be taking 6 modules). Good luck to me, and my health.


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