CS3216 Lecture (Week 1)

Date of Lecture: 12 August 2013

Summary and feelings of the day:
This is the first lecture of CS3216 and I was early! I reached the classroom at around 6:15PM since the lecture before this class ended at 6:00PM in business school. I knew that the first lecture is an important one due to two main reasons:

  • I had to know if I am suitable for this computer science course, which is a Level 3000 module with 5 Modular Credit. No joke. This module would definitely be even more intense than my core modules.
  • I had to network. CS3216 focuses a lot on assignments and teamwork. Human resource is the crux to acing this module. It is near impossible to work on all these assignments alone. I need to meet people with synergy, more than brilliance.

I am a business school student, but I am not taking CS3216 as a GEM or BREADTH. Neither am I going to S/U it. Programming always has been my passion and this fact had been reaffirmed as I fantasized about the different kinds of programming languages that I will get in touch with. The best part about this module is the style of learning. I am very accustomed to learning only the basics before venturing into a project that is way beyond my means, and this is what CS3216 is all about. Challenges! Also, I am pleasantly surprised at the potential opportunities that this module is able to offer – internships, start-ups and etc.ย I am excited to know that this is the module that I want to excel in, much more than my core modules. Hopefully the upcoming workload would not crush my vigor for programming.

Gems of the day:
Since this is the first lecture, there is hardly any academic takeaways. Yet, I’m glad to have met new friends and my first project team is already formed. My team consists of Chong Yun (designer), Civics (programmer) and I (marketer wannabe programmer). I learnt that a team should generally consists of a marketer, designer and two programmers, so we are still lacking a programmer.

Additional comments:
Three days had past after my first lesson and I shall update on my work status. I had set up SoC, Facebook Developer and Heroku accounts. I should probably start tinkering with PHP but I have a tons of readings to be completed…


One thought on “CS3216 Lecture (Week 1)

  1. Lol your networking skills are going to come in really handy. ๐Ÿ˜€ This year I’m going to keep drumming



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