CS3216 Workshop (Week 1)

Date of Lecture: 17 August 2013

Summary and feelings of the day:
Last Saturday was the first workshop of CS3216. The workshop was divided into three parts. The first part was the setting up of AWS account and instances (pretty much functions like an online virtual machine that allows us to run our websites). We installed PHP, HTTPD, mySQL on our instance. I find it especially useful to navigate my instance using cyberduck. Not so much a Terminal user, which is why the deployment of GitHub is such a pain in the ass for me. I had to create, edit (through MacVim) and commit my code using Terminal, or iTerm 2 (I love the tabs function)! TortoiseSVN scores higher than GitHub on user-friendliness but I guess it lacks the merge function that is most essential to the coders. Lastly, we were taught the basics of PHP and mySQL. I am really glad to say that I was able to apprehend almost all that were taught (except GitHub).

Gems of the day:
I always welcome the idea of learning new tools and am determine to figure out the convention of GitHub.

Additional comments:
After the workshop, my group and I stayed for an hour and half for ideas generation and screening. I find relief in the idea that we came out with but feel that it is impossible to deliver it within two weeks. But CS3216 is all about defying odds, so let us prevail.


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