NOC Interview Round 2

Glad to announce that I’d passed the first round of the NOC interview and am proceeding on to round 2, which was another one-to-one interview. There were three interviewers, one of whom is an NOC alumni.

Here are more questions that the panel would ask.

  • Which sector do you want to work in and why
  • What are some companies that you want to work in (check out the NOC website)
  • How do you think NOC can help you
  • Why do you switch your choices (in my case)

Also, for the second round of the NOC interview, you will have to bring along the following materials:

  • 1) One copy of your CV
  • 2) One copy of your unofficial transcript
  • 3) One copy of your testimonials

Sometimes the interviewers would try to be difficult by asking you the same question over and over again. Stay compose and don’t lose your head! There are people who passed the interview despite the circumstance! In actual fact, the interviewers are really nice people. Have fun!


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