CS3216 Workshop (Week 2)

Date of Lecture: 24 August 2013

Summary and feelings of the day:
Photoshop and bootstrap were the main lessons of the day. There isn’t much to say about the workshop because things were pretty technical and straightforward. To be adept at photoshop and web design, one just have to keep practicing. Something that I can never achieve because I have too many things on my plate. Accountancy, computer science and other commitments… If only humans do not need to sleep… Ok, that is just too scary. I can’t imagine staying awake 24 hours a day.

Gems of the day:
Bootstrap, certainly is the gem of the day. When I have the time, I would definitely try my hands on this cool package, to design a website for my dad’s company.

Additional comments:
To be an excellent programmer, I definitely need to find a field to specialize in. Java? C programming? HTML? Web design? What would it be then? This is something that I look forward to finding out.


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