CS3216 Lecture (Week 3)

Date of Lecture: 26 August 2013

Summary and feelings of the day:
Invited speaker of the lecture, Bjorn Lee, gave an inspiring and captivating talk regarding “Growth Hacking”. Cool facts about him: alumni of business school, alumni of NOC Silicon Valley, brilliant and visionary marketer, successful growth hacker, creator of Aesop’s Wheel of Fables and Stickery.

According to Bjorin’s experiences, the top eleven points to an app’s viral downloads are:
#1 – Pick the right platform
#2 – Get creative: FB  Ads for Apple staff
#3 – YouTube video
#4 – Focus on PR “Super-connectors”
#5 – Get brands for media cred
#6 – positioning for “dummies” (e.g. Facebook is Friendster for college student)
#7 – Email marketing
#8 – Fake it till you make it
#9 – Forum seeding
#10 – Paid promos
#11 – Event marketing

Gems of the day:
“Start fast and fail fast”. A line that was stuck with me for the rest of the night, and even up till now. That’s right, do not hold back. Give it your best shot and watch where your efforts bring you. Maybe it will bring you nowhere, or maybe you will come across your first million (hopefully not rupees). That’s how gripping entrepreneurship is. Also, for business students, all is not lost yet. Understand that having a team of committed and talented people is imperative to a start-up. If you’re dreaming to be the next Larry Page or Drew Houston, get out there and start talking. Make friends, share dreams and do not be limited. Guard yourself and do not be an example of NATO (no action talk only).

Additional comments:
Looking forward to be thrown into the society, where it will be a “make or break” world for me.


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