NOC Appeal

Hey guys! Just to let you know after waiting many weeks, I finally gotten my NOC results. I was rejected.

“Dear Student,

Thank you for your application and your interest in the NOC programme.
After much consideration, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place on the NOC Programme.
You are welcome to re-apply to the programme in the future if you are eligible and our application will open again in Jan 2014.
In the interim, we would recommend that you pursue activities/courses that will further develop and strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and instincts.
You may wish to explore the resources and potential opportunities available within the NUS Enterprise Cluster ( to fuel your entrepreneurial drive.
We wish you all the best in your future entrepreneurial endeavours and your studies in NUS.

Best Regards,
NOC Office”

The dejection was further emphasized as I was studying for my mid-term in the midst of an e-learning week. Knowing that NOC was the programme that I must go for, I cleared my head and wrote my appeal e-mail to NOC almost immediately. I portioned my appeal into four parts:

  • Introduction (name, course)
  • Reasons for appeal (entrepreneurial spirit, passion, etc)
  • Conclusion (sum it up)
  • Thank you

Put in some effort into your appeal and showcase your enthusiasm for the NOC programme!


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