CS3216 Assignment 1

It had been awhile since the submission of CS3216 Assignment 1, which was on the 6 September 2013. After sitting through Uncle Jim’s presentation, I realized that my blog post count is severely low and I have to do something about it. Therefore, I’ll be on a blogging spree (maybe) for all of my assignments.

Coming from different backgrounds, Civics, Henry and Yume and I came together and formed Group 2 for our first first assignment is called ChefNearMe. The link can be found here:

“Living within a safe and comfortable yet small and confined boundary of Singapore, there are limited entertainments for the unhappy Singaporeans. However, with the emergence of Instagram, many Singaporeans developed the habit of taking a snapshot of their food and uploading it to this photo-sharing platform. This trend eventually exploded into a nation-wide sensation whereby many young Singaporeans excite themselves by exploring different facets of the island just to find an indie restaurant to dine in. Some restaurants that benefited from this application are Chock Full of Beans and Wimbly Lu. With only 710 kilometers square of land area, food exploration will eventually come to a boring end when all popular restaurants are visited or when food innovation comes to a halt.

Following this impending problem, we came out with a standalone application called ChefNearMe that brings indie chefs (home chefs) into the picture. It has the capacity to revolutionize dining experience by introducing indie chefs (home chefs) to all the food gluttons, food lovers or food critics out there. Indie chefs are allowed to showcase their culinary skills through our application and at the same time, put a price tag on their food. Singaporeans are also no longer restricted to exploring only restaurants, but homes too. They are encouraged to go out, meet people and socialize.

As ChefNearMe becomes a new sensation, it also brings about food innovation in Singapore. Indie chefs are not only able to exchange tips with one another, there is also an intrinsic motivation for them to come up with new and excited dishes.

Popularity, riches and greed, you name it, ChefNearMe has it all. ChefNearMe connects people through food.”

chefnearme_db_schema This is the database schema that I came out with! It’s a little complicated and the team develops the application, more and more tables were being dropped. Haha!

This assignment allowed me to gain a deeper insight into GitHub, PHP, HTML and FB integration. The learning curve for GitHub is extremely steep but I’m glad to have learnt about this cool tool. Apparently it is widely used in many IT start-ups to track the coding progress. It was also quite a feat for me when I managed to obtain the FB authentication token and enabled the ticker when someone likes a dish on ChefNearMe.


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