CS3216 Lecture (Week 10)

Date of Lecture: 28 October 2013

Summary and feelings of the day:
CS3216 Entrepreneur Roundtable

It really is CS3216’s privilege to be seated in COM1 Seminar room 1, listening to speeches from many great entrepreneurs. We get to meet the founders from many successful start-ups, such as BillPin, Websparks and Carousell.

If I had not joined CS3216, I honestly doubt my opportunity to be exposed to all these entrepreneurial spirits. Watching how a normal undergraduate student like you and I could evolve into a boss of his own company really reaffirmed my decision to erect a start-up of my own. Rather than observing rules and being monitored by co-workers and/or superiors in a bank or any other corporation, I find it more compelling and exhilarating to take things into my hand.

All in all, I really enjoyed the entrepreneur roundtable.

Gems of the day:

Additional comments:
I feel like this section is more of an update of our final project’s status. I’m proud to say that I managed to navigate my way around bootstrap (as a non-technical person) and am challenged to create a website of my own during the December holiday. I realized the importance of learning javascript if I want to build a flashy and beautifully animated website.


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