NOC Internship (21-22 January 2014)

Hello! I think it’ll be rewarding to take note of bits & pieces of tasks that I encounter throughout my internship. I have no idea how long can I keep up with the updates but I’ll certainly do my best to do so! The heap amount of tasks that were assigned to me is causing a fuse in my brain – a good case of information overloading. Probably one good reason to keep a blog post as an online notepad to track all these information. Take a quick peek at what I’d undertaken in just two days! You probably won’t understand half the things that I’ve written since it’s written for my eyes only, and in the most abstract way possible. I wouldn’t want any confidential details to be leaked!

Update the Competition (Daily Tasks)

  • (check the lead report for new competitions listed by sales team)
  • Backstage (check submitted competitions by the users)

Client Marketing Reports (update client on progress of marketing)

  • Website (Google Analytics>Behavior>Site Content>All Pages>Search Relevant)
  • Featured Banner (Google Analytics>Behavior>Site Content>Content Drilldown)
  • Targeted email, Ambassador newsletter, Newsletter inclusion (Mail Chimp)
  • Facebook feed, Twitter feed

Database manipulation

  • Because of my knowledge in database and MySQL, I was assigned this additional task of generating reports for my colleagues. It is fun to be in touch with database once again. Much better than crunching numbers.

Here comes the section where all information are crammed into me in under an hour.

Update QC Report (every Thursday)

  • I honestly have no idea what is this about…
  • I think I have to get some numbers from the Budget worksheet.

Members demographic (Second week of the month)

  • Find out the origins from DB

Margins to be noted

  • 60% – Big marketing packages
  • 70% – QC
  • 80% – Small marketing packages

Bitly vs Google Analytics

  • Bitly shortens an URL. Apparently it can be used to track the amount of unique / total clicks. Usually used when it is required to differentiate two or more streams of clicks from the same medium.
  • Google analytics is pretty straightforward to me since I’ve been using it quite a lot for the past semester. There’s also a pretty cool function calls the Campaign URL Builder. Still figuring out when is the most appropriate moment to use this feature.

What I can say briefly about my company (after working for two days) is that, it is an intense company to work in. We often hear stories of how Scandinavians are usually very chill in their work curriculum, unfortunately the Swedish start-up that I worked in consists of 15 different nationalities. I love the overpowering culture because I’m there to learn after all. What’s an internship if slacking is the only achievement? But on a more serious note, I really enjoy slacking. ‘Efficiency’ is the one word I hold the highest regard for.


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