NOC A Swede man’s strategy

LOL! I have the funniest night in Stockholm, right in my dorm room. It was regarding this white guy whom I had a small talk with on the plane. Before I left for Stockholm, the NOC coordinators encouraged us to network aggressively and expand our LinkedIn connections. That’s precisely what I was trying to do! Spurred, I entertained a small talk with a Swedish man sitting beside me on the plane from Doha to Sweden. He seems to be a really sweet old man who had a little case of plane sick. It was also extremely exciting for me to be talking to a Swede even before I landed in Sweden. He asked for my email and I gave it to him. Well, it’s just an email after all. And so, the email came a day later. The intensity of settling down both in Stockholm and my workplace was too great and it took me approximately a week and a half before I replied him. We exchanged phone numbers (Stockholm number is my temporary number anyway) and spoke over the line. That’s when I had a culture shock. He was extremely direct in expressing his interest in me. I guess it’s pretty entertaining to hear something positive about myself. In his words, I am “attractive, intelligent and sweet”. HAHAHA! But that’s not the way Asians work. That’s too much to take in. Well, it is an interesting night, but I’ll have to cancel the dinner that I’d promised him next Friday. In my defence, I thought it was going to be a friendly dinner until he started a string of honest declarations.


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