NOC Leading the unusual life

Yes, I took an alternate path. Instead of rushing my graduation, I decided to work as an intern overseas for a year. And yes, I’m taking another alternate path. There are so much to explore in life. Some things are never meant to be tried. But once the sacred rule is broken, there is no turning back. Just like how we win a pass to lose our innocence once we enter adulthood. The very much yearned innocence can never be chased back. Plunging down this route may be the easiest way out, but never the easiest way back. I want to give my life to programming, which is the hardest thing to do when I’m working as a Marketing Associate. Haskell Hacker’s night was held last night and it is amusing to watch programmers debating over the best text editor. You are either an emacs user or a vim user. If you’re a vim user, never ever use Vundle. Hit straight into Pathogen. The debate continues and the list goes on. Some stuff mess with your head. My head is in a mess. Some things just don’t make sense. I am not making any sense.


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