NOC Google Adwords

Marketing is not exactly the best profession that I would prefer but after trying my hands on Google Adwords for the first time today, I’m hooked. It is one of the more intriguing workloads being dumped on me.

Dabbling with Google Adwords is far more intense than Facebook advertising because it is almost like playing auction with keywords. The goal is to get your advertised link to appear on the first page of Google Search by tagging as many relevant keywords as you can. It shocked me how expensive the bid price per click for a keyword would be. It is not US 0.01 or even US 0.05, but US 3.00.

Imagine expending a budget of US 10.00 a day would only get you 3 clicks.

Still, I’m happy to share the good news that the bid for each keyword fluctuates as quickly as the stock prices on NASDAQ. If you are patient enough, sometimes a bid price of US 3.00 will dip as low as US 0.03. If you think randomly spamming relevant keywords to your ads would work, well, you thought wrong. There’s definitely more brain power required behind advertising with Google Adwords. Google has some sort of algorithm to decide the quality of your advertisement package. The objective is to create different packages for one ad and in each of these packages, ensure the coherence of your keywords.

Now I’m all pumped up to build a portfolio of quality advertising packages. What a privilege to be engaged in this gripping marketing activity.


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