NOC Code Pub @ Spotify

Two months ago, I was one of the many students getting ready for our very own unique experiences in different countries and cities. Networking is part of the NOC deal and today, I had a taste of meeting new people in a social setting. It joys me to know that the very first networking session I was going to was held at Spotify’s headquarter! To all of you who know Spotify, you may not already know it is a Swedish startup. And to the rest of the world who don’t know Spotify, it’s time to work your fingers and do some Googling. It is by far, the best music application on a computer.

When I arrive at work, I open up Spotify. When I get back home, I open up Spotify. When I work out, I grudgingly switch to iTunes and listen to the older songs just because I am not a premium user. The beauty of Spotify lies in the needless need of downloading music. Drag and drop is the new way of building your very own playlist. You can imagine my excitement while talking to a Spotify employee. The meet up that I went for is an all-girl thing. Girl programmers were aplenty and most of them are the only female developers in their own respective companies.

20140221-001847.jpgWell, that’s not the main point. Whoever knows that Spotify has an API for us to work with? I didn’t know. The person sitting next to me didn’t know. Everyone is clueless. The Spotify speaker directed us to their API and the rest of the time was supposedly used to tinkle with their long-drawn-out developer tool. I toyed with it for awhile before deciding that it is definitely more practical to be speaking with people around me since no one is working at it. And thank you NUS Business School, for supplying me with a ton of name cards.

Are you interested to experiment with Spotify’s API? Head over to and get an account. Create a “Spotify” folder in your home directory (usually Macintosh HD > Users > $USERNAME$) and follow the instructions here. It is helpful to pull some files from and play with the code directly there.

20140221-001835.jpgOne last thing that I should never miss mentioning, Spotify has a great pantry. There is a row of refrigerators being lined up neatly across the long stretch of kitchen table. Each refrigerator has a variety of soft drinks and sandwiches. I chose a Sparkling Red Bull to freshen up my night. I contemplated getting a sandwich before leaving, but decided not to. (You must understand that Stockholm is an extremely expensive country to live in but my pride rules over my stomach.) My company isn’t too bad either! Three manual coffee machines and two refrigerators to hold more than 20 employees’ home-made lunches. It would have been better if the milk never runs out that often.


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