NOC Quarter 3 Quick Reflection

Very soon, I have come to the third quarter of my NOC internship. At the start of the year, I was pretty sure that I was keen on going home. As soon as adaptation kicks in, I’m not so sure again. Do I really want to go home?

Anyway, putting my sentiments aside. I really think that I should update on my personal development status.

This year hasn’t been easy. Many unfortunate events occurred along the way which had gotten me jaded, refreshed, and jaded again. The cycle continues, presumably. By the third quarter, I can visibly notice how much I had grown as a person. Guess you can call it learning from the School of Hard Knocks.

Concurring the fear of talking
The very first thing I noticed was, talking to people does not seem as scary as before. At the start of the year, I was not inclined to speak. I was afraid that people would not understand a single word that I said due to my accent, and also, I just do not have much to say. Things had changed since then. I realized the importance of communication. It is like creating a sphere of noticeability and understandability amongst the crowd. If you want to stand out, you really have to start talking. That’s how you know people and that’s how you win valuable contacts.

Power of listening
Speaking is important, but listening could possibly be more important. After going through what I called an ordeal of solitary, I found it unacceptable to keep everything under the wraps. That is how I come to terms with the importance of listening. Sometimes I badly needed someone whom I can rant endlessly to, yet this person seemed almost non-existence. This is because I simply refuse to approach anyone for fear of being an annoyance. That is when I made a deal to myself, to never deprive another person of this need. To be a great leader or even a good friend, we’ll need to start being patient and listen attentively to what others have to say.

Also, do you know that successful people tend to listen a lot? The idea is to assume that you are not the smartest person around in the room. Every human being carries along with them a mass of knowledge. If everyone is willing to share what little information that they have, we can learn a great deal more from each other.

Learn how to be discipline and efficient
Within my NOC batch, I am in one of the more intense companies. I work a lot. Heck, I would not even call myself hardworking. I am driven by situation. I have perpetual amount of weekly routine tasks waiting to be strike off my to-do list and it feels like I can’t take much of a breather every single day. To deal with the impossible amount of workload, I would have to work faster than ever, and taking every short cut that is made known to me without compromising the quality. It is not easy, but my stand of humans beings are highly adaptable creatures remain true to me. We just get used to things.

Ok, that’s pretty much all.


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