Revisiting AWS-EC2

Days of adapting is over. It is time to get job done, for myself. The first step would be refreshing my memories of setting up the EC2 instances and get my website up. After much deliberation, I decided to power my website with WordPress and followed these steps to get it up and running and Drupal at this website.

In the past, I used to take down daily notes with VIM and was adept at navigating with just my keyboard. Imagine my surprise when I reopen the application and realized I can’t do the same anymore. The learning curve for VIM is indeed very steep.

Anyway, seems like I had set up my personal wordpress. The next step would be migrating this blog to my EC2 instance.

First entry

I always begin my first post by detailing what my readers can expect from my future posts. Initially, I had in mind to create this blog solely to fulfil the requirement of my computer science course in NUS (CS3216), but after a slight deliberation, I decided to extend its purpose to encompass any henceforth programming experiences that I would gain. I look forward to what I would learn as an independent programmer and hope that this is not another half-hearted passion of mine.

P.S. GL Develops basically refers to the continuous development that I hope to achieve in the field of programming.