NOC Google Adwords

Marketing is not exactly the best profession that I would prefer but after trying my hands on Google Adwords for the first time today, I’m hooked. It is one of the more intriguing workloads being dumped on me.
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NOC Leading the unusual life

Yes, I took an alternate path. Instead of rushing my graduation, I decided to work as an intern overseas for a year. And yes, I’m taking another alternate path. There are so much to explore in life. Some things are never meant to be tried. But once the sacred rule is broken, there is no turning back. Just like how we win a pass to lose our innocence once we enter adulthood. The very much yearned innocence can never be chased back. Plunging down this route may be the easiest way out, but never the easiest way back. I want to give my life to programming, which is the hardest thing to do when I’m working as a Marketing Associate. Haskell Hacker’s night was held last night and it is amusing to watch programmers debating over the best text editor. You are either an emacs user or a vim user. If you’re a vim user, never ever use Vundle. Hit straight into Pathogen. The debate continues and the list goes on. Some stuff mess with your head. My head is in a mess. Some things just don’t make sense. I am not making any sense.

NOC Roaming in Stockholm

Going about my routine and mundane life is ok. But it is not ok to have every ounce of my enthusiasm being sucked out of me. This is what internship does to me. Everyday is a constant battle with time, all within 9 working hours. It is debatable as to the sufficiency of 9 working hours a day. I’m so drained. Doubtful of my very own existence, and leading a precarious life off the miserably low allowance of only 8000 SEK with half of it going into rent, I’m very grateful to have a friend flying over from Italy to stay with me for a couple of days to revitalise me emotionally. Every last trip that I had with her was event-filled and our short duration together in Stockholm is no exception.

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NOC A Swede man’s strategy

LOL! I have the funniest night in Stockholm, right in my dorm room. It was regarding this white guy whom I had a small talk with on the plane. Before I left for Stockholm, the NOC coordinators encouraged us to network aggressively and expand our LinkedIn connections. That’s precisely what I was trying to do! Spurred, I entertained a small talk with a Swedish man sitting beside me on the plane from Doha to Sweden. He seems to be a really sweet old man who had a little case of plane sick. It was also extremely exciting for me to be talking to a Swede even before I landed in Sweden. He asked for my email and I gave it to him. Well, it’s just an email after all. And so, the email came a day later. The intensity of settling down both in Stockholm and my workplace was too great and it took me approximately a week and a half before I replied him. We exchanged phone numbers (Stockholm number is my temporary number anyway) and spoke over the line. That’s when I had a culture shock. He was extremely direct in expressing his interest in me. I guess it’s pretty entertaining to hear something positive about myself. In his words, I am “attractive, intelligent and sweet”. HAHAHA! But that’s not the way Asians work. That’s too much to take in. Well, it is an interesting night, but I’ll have to cancel the dinner that I’d promised him next Friday. In my defence, I thought it was going to be a friendly dinner until he started a string of honest declarations.

NOC Internship (21-22 January 2014)

Hello! I think it’ll be rewarding to take note of bits & pieces of tasks that I encounter throughout my internship. I have no idea how long can I keep up with the updates but I’ll certainly do my best to do so! The heap amount of tasks that were assigned to me is causing a fuse in my brain – a good case of information overloading. Probably one good reason to keep a blog post as an online notepad to track all these information. Take a quick peek at what I’d undertaken in just two days! You probably won’t understand half the things that I’ve written since it’s written for my eyes only, and in the most abstract way possible. I wouldn’t want any confidential details to be leaked!
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NOC Week 1

HELLOOO! I’m finally in Stockholm. Five days had passed and one fact remains: it’s freezing over here. On the average the temperature hits negative. I get extremely irritated whenever the snow flies into my face, or my eyeballs. Also, the hassle of wearing two layers of pants, three layers of clothing and to top it up with another coat is driving me crazy. The prices of the food never fail to make me cringe. For a person who has no first-hand experience of cooking, I starved for the first few mornings. It really is important to get ready some pans, rice cooker, pasta/macaroni, oil and whatever else is needed to put together your meal. For the past few days, I’d been out purchasing necessities and it is not an exaggeration to say that I’d walked for more than 100km. Or maybe it is. Still, I’m glad to say that I’m having quite some fun here despite the downs. The streets resemble that of London, or maybe not because I’ve never been there. It is a delight to tread on the soft snow and to leave dirty footprints behind the serenity. My type of enjoyment always involve some actions, so my friends and I took some free cardboards from IKEA and slid down a steep slope of snow.

Sure, it’ll take some time getting used to the independence both mentally and physically, but to be in Stockholm for a year is an immense blessing. A privilege that few get to enjoy. The first day of work begins tomorrow and I am excited and driven to function at my best!