The Working Life

2 years into my working life, what constitute as good learning points?

Here’s a little background on my career before I start proper.

I have never thought I would be one to climb the corporate ladder. But here I am, slogging my guts out, running the rat race, striving to emerge as the top in a local bank! Every morning I run a strict routine: open my eyes, brush my teeth, get dressed, squeeze into a crowded train, buy a cup of coffee, get slaved drive. I am very much lowly paid as compared to my peers, despite my unorthodox deliverables that usually streamline processes and automates menial tasks.

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NOC Coming to an End

The journey has almost come to a halt. The joyfulness that I originally pictured while leaving Stockholm seemed to fade away as I lie on the horizon between bitterness and sweetness. 2014 has been unkind and rude to me. As I endure the tough lesson that life has put in place for me, I came to the realization that 2014, though unkind, was one of the best things that had happened to me. I would like to conclude my life as an NOC intern exactly 2 weeks before its official end.
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Revisiting AWS-EC2

Days of adapting is over. It is time to get job done, for myself. The first step would be refreshing my memories of setting up the EC2 instances and get my website up. After much deliberation, I decided to power my website with WordPress and followed these steps to get it up and running and Drupal at this website.

In the past, I used to take down daily notes with VIM and was adept at navigating with just my keyboard. Imagine my surprise when I reopen the application and realized I can’t do the same anymore. The learning curve for VIM is indeed very steep.

Anyway, seems like I had set up my personal wordpress. The next step would be migrating this blog to my EC2 instance.

Content Marketing – First Attempt

Content marketing has been trending recently. We see many posts spouting out on different kinds of niche blogs, such as TechCrunch, LifeHack and Entrepreneur. People just love reading. Not random posts. But one that has substantial values to themselves. It could be knowledge or even entertainment. My company decided to go into the field of student-related content marketing. This is my first attempt at content marketing for – 8 things that should be on your resume

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NOC Code Pub @ Spotify

Two months ago, I was one of the many students getting ready for our very own unique experiences in different countries and cities. Networking is part of the NOC deal and today, I had a taste of meeting new people in a social setting. It joys me to know that the very first networking session I was going to was held at Spotify’s headquarter! To all of you who know Spotify, you may not already know it is a Swedish startup. And to the rest of the world who don’t know Spotify, it’s time to work your fingers and do some Googling. It is by far, the best music application on a computer.

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